Pets !!

I think at least 60% of people from all over the world have pets . All of them have different kind of pets such as dogs , cats , snakes , some kind of pets , … etc . According to me I prefer cats actually am in love with cats .

I dot know why I do like them that much . But I like the way they act , look , eat , walk and so many thing that I cant remember right now .

Hot Roxy and Black Jack was my lovely cats . Hot Roxy was a 3 months old female her color was light gray and she was cute and fluffy . I didn’t like her a lot and I think she is much better than Black Jack . About Black Jack he was a 5 months old male , his color was black with dark brown high lights . He was really not that kind of cats that you can deal with , he was always alone sitting in his corner near the TV . I think he was really boring so i didn’t really care about him .

Unfortunately my mom is allergic to cats , that she couldn’t stand them at all . So my dad sold them . And now I really missed them a lot .


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